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Caustic Calcined Magnesite Powder CAS No.:1309-48-4 light Burnt Magnesite

Caustic Calcined Magnesite Powder CAS No.:1309-48-4

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Our Product Detail

This is the description of Caustic Calcined Magnesite Powder CAS No.:1309-48-4 light Burnt Magnesite

   Magnesite calcined at 800-1200℃ is called "light calcination", and its product is called light calcination powder, referred to as light calcination powder.

   Light burning powder is mainly used in the manufacture of gelled material, heat insulation and sound insulation building materials, ceramic raw materials, is a high volume production of magnesia and ideal raw material, after light burning magnesium chemical processing, can be made into many kinds of magnesium salt, magnesium sulfate, is used for light magnesium oxide, inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic, magnesium hydroxide, fire prevention board, magnesium aluminate spinel, light body wall, greenhouses stent, ventilation pipes, fire-resistant cable, magnesium covers, mold, mobile home, arts and crafts, magnesium board, glass magnesium board, thermal power plant desulphurization, steel, metallurgy and other main USES the best products




                     Chemical and Physical Indexes


SiO2 %





Superior Quality







Fine quality







Technical quality








    90的轻烧镁粉     氧化镁装箱图片



    1.Animal Feed Supplyment

    2. Water Treatment

    3.Refractories Materials

    4.Constrution Materials

    5.Abrasive in the Grinding Wheel


    7.Rubber Compounds


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