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Chinese Factory Price Potassium Hydroxide CAS No.:1310-58-3

Potassium hydroxide (chemical formula: KOH, formula: 56.1) white powder or flaky solid. The melting point is 380 ° C, the boiling point is 1324 ° C, the relative density is 2.04g / cm3, the refractive index is n20 / D1.421, and the vapor pressure is 1mmHg (719 ° C). Its properties are similar to caustic soda, with strong alkalinity and corrosivity. The pH of a 0.1mol / L solution is 13.5. It easily absorbs moisture in the air and deliquesces, and absorbs carbon dioxide into potassium carbonate. It is soluble in about 0.6 parts of hot water, 0.9 parts of cold water, 3 parts of ethanol, 2.5 parts of glycerin, and slightly soluble in ether. A large amount of heat is generated when dissolved in water, alcohol or treated with acid. Moderately toxic, half lethal dose (rat, oral) 1230mg / kg