Caustic Soda Transportation

Caustic soda transportation is dangerous goods transportation, because caustic soda is strongly irritating and corrosive. Once the skin accidentally touches caustic soda, it will cause burns immediately; if swallowed, it will cause burns of the digestive tract, mucous membrane erosion, bleeding and even shock. Moreover, caustic soda can also produce harmful toxic fumes, which will cause great harm if it is not properly prepared and inhaled into the body. Therefore, in the process of transporting caustic soda, it is necessary to prepare in advance and pay attention to details.
1. The requirements for the driver are quite high, and special training is required to fully understand the performance of caustic soda and emergency measures in case of accidents, and understand the transportation rules of caustic soda, and strictly follow the regulations.
2. To ensure the safety of the transportation vehicles, before transporting caustic soda, a comprehensive inspection of the transportation vehicles is required to see whether the vehicles are in good condition and whether there are hidden safety hazards. Detailed inspections ensure the safety of the transportation vehicles.
3. Handling staff should take protective measures. When handling, employees need to take precautions, wear caustic soda protective clothing and protective gloves, and in the process of handling, need to lightly load and unload to prevent damage to caustic soda packaging, resulting accident.
4. The vehicle is sealed. After the loading is completed, the transportation vehicle needs to be sealed to avoid moisture during the transportation of caustic soda, especially during rainy or cloudy days.